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Marsha Feinland for U.S. Senate

The following statement was provided by the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Marsha Feinland

On June 5, Vote for Marsha Feinland for U.S. Senate.

Senator Diane Feinstein, the incumbent, represents the agribusinessmen, real estate developers, bankers, and insurance company CEOs who run our lives and foreclose on our future. Unite around a candidate who represents you.

Senator Marsha Feinland would fight to:

  • Bring all the troops home now.
  • Close down dangerous nuclear plants and abolish nuclear weapons.
  • Restore and protect the environment.
  • Provide free health care for all with no insurance company profit.
  • Grant amnesty to all undocumented workers, demilitarize the border and end ICE raids.
  • Legalize marijuana and decriminalize all drug use.
  • End the death penalty; make rehabilitation, not punishment, the priority.
  • Abolish the Senate; elect Congress by proportional representation.

Kabiruddin Karim Ali

The following statement was provided by the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Kabiruddin Karim Ali

Unemployment is the main issue in California and in the USA. I will bring back jobs in California by creating more investments in Manufacturing and infrastructure; I will give Tax holidays, break to the small businesses and micro projects building measures. I will attract foreign investment and create good relations with peaceful nations. I will penalize American corporations to outsource work because our Americans are available to do the jobs.

The Federal Budget deficit is in trillions of dollars due to WAR and IFRA (Ignorance of the Financial Regulatory Authorities).

Wall Street and Banks created a financial meltdown for working class Americans; the financial crises forced the house value down up to almost 50% and created unemployment in the USA. We are Nation of Laws, let us do financial reforms to protect the American Nation but at the same time cut WAR funding, not the Defense Fund. Hence, budget priorities should be adjusted now and in to the future.

Dependent on any foreign Nation or Nations is wrong, we have to re do or re visit our Energy Policy , Clean Energy, is one of them; I will have priority to reform on our “Energy Policy”.

We should have a change in health care policy to a “Universal Health care program”

There are many things to fix and change, to give justice for the candidates and democratic process but we have many priorities at this time for our national security and Economic growth.