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Four of the five announced candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for President have been nominated by other parties. These affiliations are noted for identification only. Clicking on a candidate’s name takes you to her or his page on this site.

The State Central Committee has not taken a position for or against any of the candidates in the Presidential primary. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen refused to put Peta Lindsay’s name on our primary election ballot because she is not 35 years old. The Peace and Freedom Party joined with Lindsay and her supporters to challenge this decision in court, but lost at the trial court level.

Roseanne Barr, who announced that she is a candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination on July 19, did not participate in the June 5 primary.

The results of the primary are not binding on the nominating convention, which will be held on August 4 and 5 in Southern California. Delegates to the convention will be the new members of the county central committees elected at the same time (see this page).

Occupy the Presidency, May 5 in Berkeley

Tired of “debates” within the war-addicted Titanic Parties that are leading us straight into economic and ecological disaster? Join us for a discussion of the socialist alternative. We’ve invited representatives of the four candidates for the Peace and Freedom nomination for President to this event.

When: Saturday, May 5, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Where: Starry Plough, 3101 Shattuck, Berkeley ( MAP )
What: Discussion of the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential campaign
Sponsor: Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: 510-465-9414 or use this contact form
Cost: Free (but please buy food & drink at the pub)

We have confirmed the following speakers:

  • Bob Price, representing the Durham campaign and the Freedom Socialist Party,
  • Zac Goldstein, representing the Alexander campaign and the Socialist Party,
  • Patricia Gray, representing the Anderson campaign and the Justice Party,
  • Frank Lara or Dick Becker, representing the Lindsay campaign and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Presidential Candidate Forum, April 17 in San Francisco

When: Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00pm
Where: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission Street (near 24th St BART) (MAP)
What: Presidential candidates forum
Sponsor: San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: 415-637-3787
Cost: free

Hear from the Peace & Freedom Party candidates and their supporters.

  • representative of Stewart Alexander, nominee of the Socialist Party U.S.A.
  • Pat Gray representing Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, nominee of the Justice Party
  • Stephen Durham, nominee of the Freedom Socialist Party
  • representative of Peta Lindsay, nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

Meet and Greet the Candidates, April 16 in Sacramento

On Monday, April 16, the Peace and Freedom Party Sacramento County Central Committee will host a meet and greet with three of our Presidential candidates, and U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Feinland.

When: Monday, April 16 at 6:30pm
Where: Integrate, 1529 28th Street, Sacramento (MAP)
What: Meet and greet Peace and Freedom candidates
Sponsor: Sacramento County Central Committee
Contact: click here
Cost: free