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Where Barr and Sheehan are on the ballot

The Peace and Freedom Party ticket of Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan is on the ballot in these three states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida

Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan are officially qualified write-in candidates in these states:

  • Alaska
  • District of Columbia (candidates qualify after election day)
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Maryland (vice presidential candidate not named)
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

The following states permit write-in votes but do not have a procedure for qualifying as a write-in candidate. State laws vary with regard to when write-in votes do and do not get counted and reported.

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey – write-ins counted and reported only if the total number is enough to contest the election
  • Oregon – write-ins counted and reported only if the total number exceeds the largest total for an on-ballot candidate
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

Fall 2012 Worker’s Voter Guide

Click on the image of page 1 to download the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document. Print on both sides of letter (8.5 x 11) paper, then fold once. For distribution in Sacramento, click here.

Page 1 of Voter Guide

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How to Reach Us

Comments and questions about the election campaign, and about this website, are welcome. Please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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The Peace and Freedom Party needs your contribution

Why are you asking me for money?
Why don’t you ask somebody who can afford it?

Yes, we know you can’t afford to contribute much money to a political organization.  So why don’t we ask some rich people for money – they have plenty, right?  The answer is simple:  we are adversaries of the rich, not their collaborators.  The Democrats and Republicans, and some of the smaller parties too, depend for their funding on those who have become wealthy under our present economic system.  Such parties will not, of course, really challenge the rule of the rich, even if their rhetoric sometimes pretends to do so.  We directly challenge the control over our lives exercised by the super-rich who control our economy, and control our political system too through money power.

So the only place we can get funding is from you, the members of the working class: those who produce, distribute and maintain everything, while the rich become richer from your labor.  The working class also includes those who seek work, those who are too disabled to work,  those who have retired after a lifetime of work, and students who are preparing for their working lives.  If you are not making money from the labor of others, if you are among “those without capital in a capitalist society,” we are on your side, we work to improve your lives and secure your future.

Everything helps!  We need tens of thousands of dollars for this year’s efforts, but if thousands give a few dollars each, we can accomplish much.  And if you are lucky this month, and have a few extra dollars, a larger donation would help even more.  We get no large donations, no corporate donations, no donations from the wealthy who reap the benefits from the present system (and should be taxed to support the needs of the system’s victims).  No, they don’t give money to people who distribute signs at demonstrations saying “Tax the rich and their corporations.”  If we want our side represented in elections, we need to raise the money from those we speak for.

Please contribute $20.12 — or any other amount — to our 2012 campaign. No amount is too small (we don’t have to mention that no amount is too large). To use PayPal, click on the “donate” button:

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If you would rather send $20.12 (or any other amount) by check, please make it payable to “Peace and Freedom Party” and mail to:

Peace and Freedom Party
P.O. Box 24764
Oakland, California 94623

If you contribute $100 or more (thank you!), California campaign finance laws require that we record your occupation and the name of your employer. When using PayPal, you need to click on “Add message to Peace and Freedom Party” to provide this information.

P.S. If $20.12 is too little for you (or too much) adjust accordingly. Every little bit helps!

Why Vote Peace and Freedom Party

Sick of Republicans who are clueless? Tired of Democrats selling you out? There is an alternative! That alternative is the Peace and Freedom Party.

We fight for the things all working people need: free education, from pre-school through university; an end to U.S. intervention throughout the world; free health care for all, such as enjoyed by workers in every other industrialized nation in the world; full employment at union wages, with generous paid vacation and other benefits. Workers, both documented and undocumented, have the right to organize, safe working conditions, and paid sick leave. We can pay for these things if the rich are taxed at rates they can well afford.

These are not just planks in our platform, these are issues Peace and Freedom candidates and members work for. The many problems facing the working class concern us because we are a part of that class. We know we can’t get what we need just by voting for it, so we participate in mass organization and direct action as part of the labor, anti-war, civil rights, and other movements, and now the Occupy movement. But we also know we can’t get what we need unless we also vote for it—and that’s why we need an electoral party rooted in and responsible to the movement.

Beyond these specific issues and movements, we understand the underlying reason why we have to keep struggling for the things we need is the ownership of the world and the conditions of our labor by a very few, very wealthy people—capitalism. To win any of these struggles finally and for good, we need to replace capitalism with a working-class democracy in which production is planned to meet human needs—socialism.

Statement for June 5, 2012, Presidential Primary Election Voter Information Guide

The following statement was submitted to Secretary of State on February 16 for inclusion in the statewide Voter Guide, mailed to every registered voter before the June 5 election.

The Peace and Freedom Party is a working-class party in a country run by and for the wealthy and their corporations. We should not have to sacrifice our health, our livelihoods and our planet for our bosses’ profits. We can tax the rich, whose wealth is entirely created by workers, to pay for the people’s needs. We favor:

  • Decent jobs and full labor rights for all.
  • Free education for all from preschool through the university.
  • Free health care for everyone.
  • Good services for disabled people.
  • Bringing all troops home now.
  • Ending all discrimination.
  • Full rights for immigrants.
  • Real democracy and fair political representation.
  • Restoring and protecting the environment.

As long as our system puts the wealthy first, we will suffer war, police brutality, low wages, unsafe workplaces and pollution. We advocate socialism, which we see as the ownership and democratic control of the economy by working people. If we join together to take back our industries and natural resources, we can work together democratically and cooperatively for the common good, rather than being slaves to the rich and their corporations.

Vote for those who will fight for what you need, the candidates of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Peace and Freedom Party of California
P.O. Box 24764, Oakland, CA 94623
(510) 465-9414, (916) 422-5395, or (323) 960-5036
Website: www.peaceandfreedom.org