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Presidential Candidate Forum, August 3 in Los Angeles

The confirmed speakers are (listed alphabetically):

  • Stewart Alexander for President, Socialist Party USA
  • Rocky Anderson for President, Justice Party
  • Stephen Durham for President, Freedom Socialist Party
  • Peta Lindsay for President, Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Christina Lopez for Vice President, Freedom Socialist Party
  • Alex Mendoza for Vice President, Socialist Party USA
  • Yari Osorio for Vice President, Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Luis Rodriguez for Vice President, Justice Party
  • Cindy Sheehan appearing on behalf of Roseanne Barr for President

When: Friday, August 3 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where: Martin Luther King Room, Vermont Square United Methodist Church, 4410 S Budlong Ave, Los Angeles (MAP)
What: presidential candidate forum
Sponsor: Los Angeles County Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: call 310-367-9648 or use this contact form
Cost: free

The Peace and Freedom Party‘s Los Angeles County Central Committee is pleased to invite you to attend a candidate forum Friday August 3, from 6:30-8:30 pm. This is the final forum before Saturday’s Convention vote, and an opportunity for all five candidates to present their views, programs, ideas and reasons for seeking the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential nomination.

Journalist and author James Tripp will moderate. Each candidate will have an opportunity to make a brief opening statement about themselves, their reasons for running and their campaign. The forum will cover topics ranging from foreign policy, economic recovery and job creation, healthcare, and education, selected from the Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidate Questionnaire. Then candidates will be able to respond to questions from the audience. Finally, all candidates will make a brief closing statement.

A reception with socializing and light refreshments will follow. Each campaign will be provided with a campaign table in the reception area for literature and volunteers.

Roseanne Barr’s Voter Guide Statement

In the June primary election, each candidate for President is entitled to submit a statement of up to 250 words to the Secretary of State, who publishes them on her website. Because Roseanne Barr became a candidate after the primary, her statement is one she would have submitted if she had been on the primary ballot.

I am running for President of the United States, because the so-called “two-party system” in this country prevents our government from representing the people and allows it to represent big money instead. I stand for the rights and interests of working people over the narrow interest of private profit.

Most people in this country believe that everyone should have access to health care and education. Access should not be decided by the profit of insurance companies and other private institutions. But the politicians in our government currently serve their donors instead of voters. I want people to vote outside the box that perpetuates wars, gives our public funds to the banks, and destroys our economy and environment. Say NO to wholesale theft and YES to a government for the people.

We have to start building alternatives now instead of submitting, time after time, to the threat of a “greater evil.” Remember that both evils have been doing the same evils once in office.

Through my TV show, I reached ordinary people with messages of empowerment and resistance through fun and humor. As a candidate, I am again reaching people to ask them to vote outside the dominant parties and start building alternatives that represent the people. The Peace & Freedom Party has been one of those alternatives for 45 years. Vote for me and support a new wave of politics beyond the tired old game.

Socialism – it’s not just for Wall Street, military contractors, or Congress anymore, but all Americans!

Roseanne Barr Responds to Questions

This documented can also be downloaded as a pdf.

I. Introduction

What is your occupation?

Actress, comedian, television producer, director, screenwriter, author, and macadamia nut collective farmer

Where are you from?

I grew up in a working-class Jewish family in Salt Lake City. I currently live in Hawaii.

Briefly describe your educational background, any past political campaigns, and any work you’ve done as an activist.

I’m self-educated. Barbara Ehrenreich called me a working-class spokesperson representing “the hopeless underclass of the female sex: polyester-clad, overweight occupants of the slow track; fast-food waitresses, factory workers, housewives, members of the invisible pink-collar army; the despised, the jilted, the underpaid.” I brought working class issues to millions of viewers weekly for nine years. I always refuse to use the term “blue collar” because it masks the issue of class.

My entire life has been one activist campaign for justice, peace, and freedom. I have incorporated these values into every aspect of my professional and personal life.

Presidential Candidate Peta Lindsay

Photo of Peta Lindsay unavailable
Peta Lindsay

Peta Lindsay of Los Angeles, California is one of five candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential nomination. She is the nominee of the Party For Socialism and Liberation. Her campaign website is here.

The Secretary of State refuses to put Lindsay’s name on the Peace and Freedom Party primary ballot. We joined her and her supporters in an unsuccessful (so far) lawsuit to get her on the ballot. But she will be a candidate at the State Convention, which is not bound by the results of the preference primary.