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9th State Assembly District

The southwest part of the city of Sacramento, the unincorporated area of of Sacramento County called South Sacramento, and the entire cities of Elk Grove and Galt in Sacramento County and the City of Lodi in San Joaquin County, plus all of the unincorporated areas in between, are all in the 9th State Assembly district. For a better quality map that you can zoom in on, click here. For a larger image of this map, click here.

9th Assembly District map unavailable

Voting for Write-In Candidates

This article is based primarily on information on the Secretary of State’s website. Click here for the sources.

This June the Peace and Freedom Party is supporting four write-in candidates for Congress and the State Legislature. There are also write-in candidates for County Central Committee seats in Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento and Santa Cruz Counties.

Write-in votes are sometimes not counted when voter don’t mark their ballots correctly. So you need to follow your county’s instructions carefully. The procedure varies from county to county because it depends on the voting machines being used.

This article explains how to make sure that your write in vote is valid and gets counted.