June 5 Election Returns

Here are partial results reported to date for the Peace and Freedom candidates in the June 5 election.

Note that write-in votes are not yet counted in Los Angeles County.
Eugene Ruyle (15th Assembly District) and Lee Chauser (33rd State Senate District)
are certain to advance to the second round in November because they are the
only certified write-in candidates in districts where only one candidate is
named on the ballot. Mary McIlroy also advances to the November election.

These results for legislative offices in which Peace and Freedom candidates
were listed on the ballot were last updated at 3:07pm on June 27.

Office Candidate Votes Percent Notes
U.S. Senate Marsha Feinland 56,607 1.2%
U.S. Senate Kabiruddin Karim Ali 12,035 0.3%
U.S. House, 34th District Howard Johnson 2,405 6.7%
State Assembly, 9th District C. T. Weber 1,932 3.0%

All write-in votes have now been reported, as shown in the following table.

Office Candidate Votes Percent Notes
U.S. House, 37th District (as of 2:54pm on June 12) Karen Bass (Dem) 49,287 99.9% Incumbent, only name on the ballot
Morgan Osborne (Rep) 36 0.1% Write-in
Adam Shbeita (PFP) 8 0.0% Write-in
Sean P. McGary (Lib) 4 0.% Write-in
State Senate, 9th District (as of 4:10pm on June 11) Loni Hancock (Dem) 123,624 99.3% Incumbent, only name on the ballot
Mary McIlroy (PFP) 785 0.6% Write-in
Lisa D. Ringer (Lib) 92 0.1% Write-in
State Senate, 33rd District (as of 2:54pm on June 12) Ricardo Lara (Dem) 32,692 100.0% Only name on the ballot
Lee Chauser (PFP) 3 0.0% Write-in
State Assembly, 15th District (as of 4:10pm on June 11) Nancy Skinner (Dem) 68,479 99.8% Incumbent, only name on the ballot
Eugene Ruyle (PFP) 105 0.2% Write-in

Presidential Primary

Here are close-to-final results of the Peace and Freedom Party presidential
preference primary, last updated at 3:32pm on June 27. Alameda County is the
only one to have reported write-in votes to the Secretary of State; valid write-ins
in other counties are not included here.

The outcome is not binding on the State Convention, which will nominate the party’s candidates for President and Vice President on August 4 and 5. Peta Lindsay, who was excluded from the primary election ballot by the Secretary of State, will also be a candidate at the convention.

Candidate Votes Percent Notes
Stewart Alexander 1,073 29.8%
Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson 1,559 43.3%
Stephen Durham 960 26.7%
Write-in candidates 5 0.1% Alameda County only
Totals 3,597 100.0%

County Central Committees

Here are partial results of the contested Central Committee elections. Where the data is available, we report percentages of total turnout as well as percentages of the total number of votes (where each voter has several votes). We think this approach is more meaningful than the way "vote for N" elections are reported by election officials. But it isn’t perfect either because Peace and Freedom registrants who didn’t vote for any Central Committee candidates are included in the denominator.

In Alameda County, 5th Supervisorial District, six candidates were elected.
These numbers were last updated at 4:10pm on June 11 . Alameda County says
they are the final results.

Candidate Votes % of Votes Notes
Marsha Feinland 150 21.2% Elected
Robert J. Evans 98 13.9% Elected
Gerald Sanders 91 12.9% Elected
Eugene E. Ruyle 81 11.5% Elected
John Comly 79 11.2% Elected
Stan Woods 74 10.5% Elected
Edith Monk Halberg 73 10.3%
Norma J. F. Harrison 60 8.5%
Total votes 706 100.0% Excludes 7 invalid write-ins

In Los Angeles County, 62nd Assembly District, seven candidates will be elected. These results were last updated at 2:54pm on June 12.

Candidate Votes % of Votes % of Turnout Notes
Karl Abrams 33 17.6% 41.2% Elected
Alice Stek 30 16.0% 37.5% Elected
Yolanda Miranda 25 13.4% 31.2% Elected
Suzy Williams 26 13.9% 32.5% Elected
Don Geagan 22 11.8% 27.5% Elected
Clay Claiborne 22 11.8% 27.5% Elected
James R. Smith 19 10.2% 23.8% Elected
Lynn M. Lomibao (write-in) 5 2.7% 6.2%  
Emidio (Mimi) M. Soltysik (write-in) 5 2.7% 6.2%  
Total votes 187 100.0% Excludes invalied write-ins
Total turnout 80 100.0%

In San Francisco, 11 candidates were elected. These numbers were last updated at 4:12pm on June 15. San Francisco has indicated that they should be considered final. A tie for the eleventh seat was resolved by lot on June 20.

Candidate Votes % of Votes % of Turnout Notes
Gloria La Riva 163 7.6% 40.3% Elected
Robert Price 161 7.6% 39.9% Elected
Tom Lacey 161 7.6% 39.9% Elected
Nathalie Hrizi 152 7.1% 37.6% Elected
Nancy Elizabeth Keiler 150 7.0% 37.1% Elected
Meghann Adams 143 6.7% 35.4% Elected
Nancy Reiko Kato 142 6.7% 35.1% Elected
Toni Mendicino 138 6.5% 34.1% Elected
Antoinette Marquez 127 5.6% 31.4% Elected
Richard Becker 122 5.7% 30.2% Elected
Forrest Schmidt 118 5.5% 29.2% Elected (won random drawing to resolve tie)
David W. Campbell 118 5.5% 29.2%
Frank Lara 117 5.4% 29.0%
Ronald Holladay 94 4.4% 23.3%
Saul Kanowitz 89 4.2% 22.0%
Tina Landis 88 4.1% 21.8%
Arthur Covington 50 2.3% 12.4%
Total votes 2,133 100.0% Excludes 28 invalid write-ins
Total turnout 404 100.0%