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Q & A with Roseanne Barr

On October 23, Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr received an inquiry from the Russian periodical Moskovsky Komsomolets. Here are the reporter’s questions and Roseanne’s answers.

My name is Andrey Yashlavsky, I’m a journalist and I work with one of the most popular Russian Moscow-based newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” ( www.mk.ru ) with circulation about 2 mln. copies. Of course we have a great interest towards US presidential election 2012. And we understand that America isn’t only Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. You’re Peace and Freedom Party’s 2012 presidential nominee – so we would like to ask you some questions.

1) What’s a goal of your campaign?

I’m running to raise consciousness. So many essential issues are not being addressed by the two major candidates. In fact, fake issues are being stressed as a distraction, the prime example being the alleged “threat’ posed by Iran. Specifically, I’m running to remind people that their Government is in the hands of a duopoly comprised of two corrupt parties, which take turns plundering, then being kicked out of power, and then returning when the voters tire of being plundered by the “other face” of the Ruling Class.

Roseanne Barr in Venice on September 22

Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr will speak at The Church in Ocean Park, 2nd and Hill St, at 7:00pm on Saturday, Sept. 22. The event also features music by Suzy Williams. Admission is free.

Roseanne Barr for President

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Roseanne Barr

The following brief introduction was provided by the Barr campaign.

Roseanne Barr is not only known for portraying a strong, reality-based, working class woman in her groundbreaking sitcom, Roseanne; she is also recognized as an outspoken advocate for working people and all under-represented Americans and their eroding rights for more than two decades.

Now, Roseanne is channeling her energies into a run for the Presidency that is rallying the interest and involvement of supporters from all walks and stages of life and from all fifty States. She is using her recognition with the public to passionately and persistently speak on behalf of unions, women and their issues in the workplace as well as their reproductive rights, single-payer health care, homeowners facing foreclosure, active Service People and veterans, and the rights of LGBT Americans. She speaks and writes equally forcefully against the reckless dominance of the Financial Industry on our Economy, and calls for the nationalization of banks and The Federal Reserve. Roseanne opposes the two wars that are supposedly necessary to our security but that go on forever and stink of profiteering. They have drained our treasury of funds that we are told are not there for essential social programs.

A vote for Barr in 2012 is a vote against the destructive and failed War on Drugs and the corruption it breeds. Roseanne agrees with a long and growing list of qualified experts that a sane drug policy in our nation would responsibly regulate trade, generate vast revenues, and unburden Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice system by eliminating the Black Market and its attendant horrors. Roseanne is committed to fighting against racial profiling, and she works to focus needed attention on the Prison Industrial Complex and its seminal role in our creeping culture of slave labor and the race to the bottom.

As the nation watches Roseanne rolling out her platform on talk shows and news programs and delivering speeches in front of the White House and at Zuccotti Park on Day One of Occupy Wall Street, Americans can see, undeniably, that not being a slickly polished career politician is in no way a liability in this Election year. In fact, it’s a substantive asset, because Barr’s plain-spoken proposals for solving the problems we face resonate with so many people who justifiably feel shut out or let down by the gridlocked duopoly and the canned rhetoric it dispenses.

Roseanne spends much of her time in Hawaii where she is living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle that incorporates organic farming, water catchment and a meatless diet. She shares her garden produce with people in need, and enjoys being an active and contributing member of the Big Island community.

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Roseanne Barr’s Voter Guide Statement

In the June primary election, each candidate for President is entitled to submit a statement of up to 250 words to the Secretary of State, who publishes them on her website. Because Roseanne Barr became a candidate after the primary, her statement is one she would have submitted if she had been on the primary ballot.

I am running for President of the United States, because the so-called “two-party system” in this country prevents our government from representing the people and allows it to represent big money instead. I stand for the rights and interests of working people over the narrow interest of private profit.

Most people in this country believe that everyone should have access to health care and education. Access should not be decided by the profit of insurance companies and other private institutions. But the politicians in our government currently serve their donors instead of voters. I want people to vote outside the box that perpetuates wars, gives our public funds to the banks, and destroys our economy and environment. Say NO to wholesale theft and YES to a government for the people.

We have to start building alternatives now instead of submitting, time after time, to the threat of a “greater evil.” Remember that both evils have been doing the same evils once in office.

Through my TV show, I reached ordinary people with messages of empowerment and resistance through fun and humor. As a candidate, I am again reaching people to ask them to vote outside the dominant parties and start building alternatives that represent the people. The Peace & Freedom Party has been one of those alternatives for 45 years. Vote for me and support a new wave of politics beyond the tired old game.

Socialism – it’s not just for Wall Street, military contractors, or Congress anymore, but all Americans!