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Q & A with Roseanne Barr

On October 23, Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr received an inquiry from the Russian periodical Moskovsky Komsomolets. Here are the reporter’s questions and Roseanne’s answers.

My name is Andrey Yashlavsky, I’m a journalist and I work with one of the most popular Russian Moscow-based newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” ( www.mk.ru ) with circulation about 2 mln. copies. Of course we have a great interest towards US presidential election 2012. And we understand that America isn’t only Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. You’re Peace and Freedom Party’s 2012 presidential nominee – so we would like to ask you some questions.

1) What’s a goal of your campaign?

I’m running to raise consciousness. So many essential issues are not being addressed by the two major candidates. In fact, fake issues are being stressed as a distraction, the prime example being the alleged “threat’ posed by Iran. Specifically, I’m running to remind people that their Government is in the hands of a duopoly comprised of two corrupt parties, which take turns plundering, then being kicked out of power, and then returning when the voters tire of being plundered by the “other face” of the Ruling Class.