Proposition 36

Yes with Reservations on Proposition 36

August 30, 2012

This measure would make the present system less draconian. It would release many inmates and return them to their families. However, it leaves out some categories of third-strikers, and does nothing for second-strikers. We support overturning “three strikes” and all mandatory minimum sentencing. We support re-sentencing in all cases, and oppose arbitrary discrimination based on the nature of the conviction. Vote Yes, and keep fighting.

For the official summary and analysis of Proposition 36, as published by the Secretary of State, click here.

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President/Vice President:
Roseanne Barr
Cindy Sheehan

State Senate 9th District
Mary McIlroy
State Senate 33rd District
Lee Chauser
State Assembly 15th District
Eugene Ruyle
Proposition 30
Neutral on 30
Proposition 31
No on 31
Proposition 32
No on 32
Proposition 33
No on 33
Proposition 34
Yes on 34
Proposition 35
No on 35
Proposition 36
Yes on 36
Proposition 37
Yes on 37
Proposition 38
No on 38
Proposition 39
Yes on 39
Proposition 40
Neutral on 40

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