Proposition 28

Proposition 28 – Term Limits

May 3, 2012

The Peace and Freedom Party is neither for nor against Proposition 28.

Proposition 28 changes the way term limits are imposed on members of the California Legislature. The Peace and Freedom Party is opposed to term limits because they are an ineffective reaction to the fact that the legislature fails to deliver what the people need. We do not support Proposition 28 because we think term limits should be abolished altogether.

The way term limits currently work in the California State Legislature creates a game of “musical chairs”, in which members of the State Assembly who reach the end of their term limit go on to compete for a State Senate seat. Proposition 28 gives legislators the option of serving their entire limited time in the Assembly, or in the Senate. We do not oppose Proposition 28 because we understand why many California voters might prefer this over the current system.

The following summary is from the Secretary of State’s website.

Proposition 28 Initiative Constitutional Amendment — Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office.

Reduces the total amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 years. Allows a person to serve a total of 12 years either in the Assembly, the Senate, or a combination of both. Applies only to legislators first elected after the measure is passed. Provides that legislators elected before the measure is passed continue to be subject to existing term limits. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: No direct fiscal effect on state or local governments. (09-0048) (Full

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President/Vice President:
Roseanne Barr
Cindy Sheehan

State Senate 9th District
Mary McIlroy
State Senate 33rd District
Lee Chauser
State Assembly 15th District
Eugene Ruyle
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Neutral on 30
Proposition 31
No on 31
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No on 32
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Yes on 34
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Yes on 37
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No on 38
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Yes on 39
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Neutral on 40

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