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Stewart Alexander’s Voter Guide Statement

Each candidate for President is entitled to submit a statement of up to 250 words to the Secretary of State, who publishes them on her website. This is Stewart Alexander’s statement (click here for the original).

I am Stewart Alexander, candidate for President of the United States. The 2012 election, to elect the next president of the United States, will be the most consequential election within the past 200 years of this nation. So much is at stake to include world peace. With the passage of the U.S. Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United ruling giving corporations the same rights as people has taken the U.S. government from a police state, to a military state, to corporate ownership. Today, the American people are without leadership; the three branches of government in Washington DC only represent Wall Street, corporate America and billionaires. This has occurred at a time when working people are most vulnerable. The nation is in the worse recession ever; poverty and homelessness is on the increase, wages are declining at a rapid pace and working people are living from check to check. Today, we do not have the financial resources to fight for our freedoms; we only have solidarity and determination. Against all the odds, we must send a message to Washington DC and Wall Street that working people will not surrender our Constitution and freedoms to the 1 percent minority in this society. This is why I am asking working people to give me your support in 2012, to be a voice for working people, to protect labor, our human rights and freedoms. Election 2012, Vote Stewart Alexander for President.

Peta Lindsay’s Voter Guide Statement

Each candidate for President is entitled to submit a statement of up to 250 words to the Secretary of State, who publishes them on her website. Because Peta Lindsay is being excluded from the primary election ballot (see these articles for details), her statement is the one she would have submitted if she could have.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Lindsay/Osorio 2012 presidential campaign stands for socialism. Capitalism is a corrupt, bankrupt system that only benefits the super-rich, the 1%.
This is the richest country in history. Working people create all of the wealth, but we do not get to enjoy it. Instead, our tax money funds the U.S. war machine, bank bailouts and huge tax breaks for the corporations.

A socialist government would institute programs to eliminate poverty and homelessness, ensure jobs with a real living wage, free education, free health care and day care and access to healthy food as rights. It would make the highest priority eliminating institutionalized racism, bigotry and inequalities. Police brutality and mass incarcerations would be ended. Citizenship would automatically be granted to all people living in the United States. Access to contraception and abortion would be guaranteed. Equality would be realized for women and LGBT people.

The Pentagon and all U.S. military bases would be dismantled. Relations with the peoples of the world would be established on the basis of solidarity and friendship.

Socialism can only be achieved by a mass people’s movement that ends the dictatorship of Wall Street. Join us in building that movement!

Rocky Anderson Responds to Questions

This documented can also be downloaded as a pdf.


What is your occupation?

I practiced law for 21 years in the areas of antitrust, securities fraud, professional negligence, and civil rights litigation. I served two terms as the Mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000-2008. I was the founder and served as Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights from 2008-2011.

Where are you from?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Briefly describe your educational background, any past political campaigns, and any work you’ve done as an activist.

Education: I received a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah, graduating magna cum laude. In 1978 I graduated, with honors, from George Washington University, attaining a J.D. degree.

Stephen Durham Responds to Questions

This documented can also be downloaded as a pdf.


The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) decided to launch a campaign for president and vice president because the austerity program that is the establishment’s answer to the economic crisis demands a bold anti-capitalist and feminist challenge.

Poverty is growing. Millions are without jobs and healthcare. Young Black men, Latino immigrants, and Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. face official and unofficial harassment and persecution. Women are losing their reproductive rights. As the FSP organizer in New York City, where our headquarters is based in Harlem, on a daily basis I see people just struggling to survive. I am running to offer working-class solutions to the hardships caused by the one percent.

Unprecedented international protest in 2011 reverberated in the U.S. with militant labor protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere and with the Occupy movement. I and my vice presidential running mate, Christina López, believe the time is right to provide an electoral vehicle for working, unemployed, and retired voters to reject business as usual in the White House and Congress. Socialist solutions are desperately needed and people are ready to consider them. They are sick to death with the ongoing capitalist agenda of imperialist war, cutbacks, racist and phony wars on drugs and terror, and the consequent erosion of civil liberties.

Peta Lindsay Responds to Questions

This documented can also be downloaded as a pdf.


What is your occupation? Where are you from?

I was born in Virginia and moved at a young age to Philadelphia.

I spent much of my childhood living in North Philadelphia, in a Black working class neighborhood that suffered from extreme poverty and police repression. As a middle school student, I became an organizer with the Philadelphia Student Union, a citywide group struggling against racism and for increased funding for Philadelphia public schools.

After moving to Washington, D.C., I graduated from School Without Walls High School (class of 2002) and then Howard University (class of 2008).

I currently live in Los Angeles where I am pursuing a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Southern California with the goal of becoming a public school teacher.

Stewart Alexander Responds to Questions

This documented can also be downloaded as a pdf.


I currently work as an automobile sales consultant.  This work has brought me into direct contact with the public, has provided me with an insider’s look into problems with our financial system and has taught me many lessons about the hazards of consumer debt.

I was born in Newport News, Virginia; however, I have lived in California since I was a child. My earliest political memory was meeting Malcolm X with my father. Malcolm came to a local mosque in Watts and my father brought me along to hear him speak. I don’t remember anything particular about what he said, but I do remember how seriously he took his task. I intend to employ an equal amount of seriousness with this Presidential campaign.

I graduated from George Washington High in Los Angeles in 1970 and attended college for a year and a half at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and the California State University at Dominguez Hills California. In the U.S. Air Force, I was trained as an air passenger specialist, air cargo specialist, and packing and crating specialist.

Presidential candidate Forum in Santa Cruz on April 14

When: Saturday, April 14 at 7:00pm
Where: The New RCNV, 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz ( MAP )
What: Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate forum
Sponsor: Santa Cruz County Peace and Freedom Party
Contact: use this contact form or call 831-688-8692
Cost: admission is free, donations to support the national Peace and Freedom Alliance are encouraged

There will be time for questions and discussion with the four candidates. Please go to for information on the following participants in the forum:

  • Stewart Alexander, nominee of the Socialist Party U.S.A.
  • Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, nominee of the Justice Party
  • Stephen Durham, nominee of the Freedom Socialist Party
  • Peta Lindsay, nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

The Peace and Freedom candidate for U.S. Senate, Marsha Feinland, will also speak.