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Video of April 16 Meet and Greet in Sacramento

Meet 2012 candidates C. T. Weber, Marsha Feinland, Stewart Alexander, Stephen Durham and Peta Lindsay at an event hosted by the Sacramento County Peace and Freedom Party on April 16, 2012.

Lee Chauser for 33rd State Senate District

The following statement was provided by the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Lee Chauser

The State of California is one of the richest states in the world, but the rich don’t pay their fair share, and we have some of the poorest people in the world living right beside the richest ones. The taxes that would fund education, welfare and health programs for all have not been paid by those who exploit the wealth of our state for their own personal use. Its time to stand the system on its head, tax the rich, and guarantee free education, healthcare, homes, and wealth for all citizens in the United States.

Democrats and Republicans have not been able to make a real change. Real change involves taking the wealth of the rich few and putting to work for the people, instead of, those rich people who don’t really need it.

We must fund educational institution, healthcare, and housing for the people of California. People should have these basic needs paid for by the State of California and the Federal government. We need to make the richest one-percent pay for these things.

Write-in: Lee Chauser for State Senate 33rd District.

I have worked as a teacher for twenty years. I have attended colleges and universities since 1963. I know the public school system and the California State University system very well. That’s why it breaks my heart to see it being torn apart by the crises that Capitalism has wrought on these institutions.

Parents, students and citizens must come to the aide of these prized institutions to insure racial and gender equality. As an advanced industrial nation we need trained educators.

  • Free tuition for all students, and a fair salary for all teachers and professors
  • Free Health care, Housing and Welfare
  • Independent voice in State Senate
  • Vote for Lee Chauser

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33rd State Senate District

The 33rd Senate District is located entirely in Los Angeles County and includes all or part of Huntington Park, Maywood, Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Walnut Park, Southgate, Lynwood, Paramount, Signal Hill and Long Beach. For a more detailed map that you can zoom in on, click here. For a larger image of this map, click here.

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33rd State Senate District

Source: California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Candidates for Congress and the State Legislature

The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed the following candidates for Congress and the State Legislature. Clicking on a candidate’s name takes you to her or his page on this site.

Also on the ballot for U.S. Senate and giving Peace and Freedom as his party preference is Kabiruddin Karim Ali.

For information on voting for write-in candidates, see this article.

Mary McIlroy for 9th State Senate District

The following statement was provided by the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Mary McIlroy

Mary McIlroy is a life-long political activist and socialist, who grew up attending anti-Viet Nam war rallies with her parents. Her father was a union printer, and her mother was a clerical worker. Mary grew up in San Francisco, where she attended public schools, graduating from Mission High in 1977. She then attended City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.

She became involved in Irish solidarity work during the 1981 hunger strike, and was a founder member of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees, North America. She took part in other struggles during the 1980s, ‘90s, and beyond, including the anti-apartheid movement, a woman’s right to choose, and protesting US intervention in Central America. She attended many demonstrations against the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mary registered Peace and Freedom in 1987, and was elected to the San Francisco Central Committee in 1988 and 1994. She ran for US Congress in 2009 as the Peace and Freedom candidate in the special election held for California District 10, when Ellen Tauscher resigned to join the State Department. She currently is the Co-chair of the Contra Costa County Central Committee. She is active in Occupy Richmond, and helped organize an Occupy Earth Day Bay Area event held April 20 in Richmond. The rally and march called on Chevron to stop polluting and drop appeals on property tax assessments.

Mary is running for the 9th California State Senate District as a write-in against Democrat Loni Hancock. She is running to defend public education, from pre-K through university. She wants a roll-back of fee hikes, and eventually elimination of fees and tuition for California’s community colleges, CSUs and UCs, a rollback of pay increases of administrators while fees are going up, pay and benefits are cut and classes eliminated, and keeping corporations out of public education. Mary wants to keep state parks accessible to all Californians, and will oppose privatization of this resource.

“We can do this if we tax the rich and their corporations,” Mary says. She will fight for the working class of District 9 and the state of California. Mary has a favorite quote from Karl Marx, “Philosophers interpret the world, the point, however, is to change it.” Let’s change the world by writing in Mary McIlroy on June 5.

Eugene Ruyle for 15th Assembly District

The following statement was provided by the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Eugene Ruyle

A veteran and grandfather for peace, Eugene Ruyle is the Peace and Freedom Party write-in candidate in the recently re-gerrymandered 15th State Assembly District, which runs from San Pablo and Richmond through Berkeley and North Oakland to Emeryville and Piedmont, and includes the Cal campus. Gene is a retired Anthropology professor who supports the Peace and Freedom Party Platform and Occupy Oakland. A Cal graduate, he wants to help build the movement to democratize and de-militarize the University of California as part of the larger movement to shut down the war machine, provide free education and health care for everyone, defend our personal freedoms, and protect our Mother Earth.

But let’s face it. Given the rigged political system we have in the United States, it’s unlikely that anyone can defeat a popular Democrat like the incumbent Nancy Skinner. As Democrats go, Skinner is not particularly obnoxious. She supports better funding for education and opposes pepper-spraying student demonstrators — as one would expect from a liberal Berkeley politician. But she is also a leader of the pro-capitalist, war-addicted Democratic Party that is busy bailing out banks, passing repressive legislation, and drone-bombing innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

The odds favoring Skinner are so overwhelming that Republicans don’t even bother to run. This means that a write-in candidate such as Ruyle can come in second and, under the new “Top Two” system of Prop 14, appear on the November ballot. This provides an opportunity to raise the important issues that Democrats refuse to address, such as shutting down the war machine and de-militarizing and democratizing the University of California.

However, electing a few socialists to the State Legislature won’t solve the problems we face in California. Our problems will continue until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of our Mother Earth and the machinery of production, abolish the capitalist system, and build a global socialist world in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.


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